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MaymomTM was founded by a group of fathers with newborn babies. It spitted from AeroBile in 2012, focusing on manufacturing of breastpump related products.  Medela's Pump-In-Style (PIS) breastpump makes feeding a joyful work. We thank Medela for providing such a wonderful product. The only complaint we have on the product was that some of the accessories we bought from the market, even from Medela's authorized dealers, did not bear appropriate labeling of what a normal product should have. For example, the tubing does not show the manufacturer name, the date of manufacturing, and not even a single word. It was just packaged in a plain LDPE zip-lock bag.

The PIS breastpump itself is like a workhorse but it needs replacement tubing every often. The tubing tends to become dirty from the collected moisture during the use and it can not be cleaned easily. We bought the replacement tubing from Medela's authorized dealers but we do not know if we have received a real Medela part since there was no labeling on the package.

With more concerns about the accessory quality and the safety of our own babies, we decided to start our own business in providing better-designed accessories that perform equal to or even better than the originals.

We are Ph.Ds with Chemistry, Biology and Physics degrees. We also have experience in pharmaceutical lab and manufacturing. Based on our expertise in plastic materials, we carefully select the material sources and verify the quality against current safety standards. We also check its performance in the everyday use. Each batch of our product passes SGS testing and is in compliant with safety standards.

We are glad to know that our babies are safer now because we are using the accessories from known sources and quality.  And we hope our products can provide you the same benefits.

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