We have pumps kits to fit various commercial pumps on the market.  Click on the image to make a purchase.

Image Description Contents
Compatible kits for Medela Pump in style, Lactina, Symphony, Swing Tubing, one-piece shields, valve, membrane
Compatible kits for Medela Swing-Maxi, Freestyle Flanges, backflow protector, valve/membrane; functionally equivalent replacement
Compatible kits for Spectra S1 and S2 and many other brands of pumps Tubing, flange, valve, backflow protector, bottle
Compatible kits for Ameda Purely Yours, finesse; Ardo Tubing, tubing connector, flange, valve, suction membrane, top cap
Compatible kits for Ameda Mya, Mya Pro  Tubing, flange, valve, backflow protector, bottle
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