23 mm Maymom Wide Neck Pump Parts for Spectra S1/S2 Pumps; Incl Wide Mouth Flanges, Valves, Membranes



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  • After market pump parts made by Maymom. Not original spectra pump parts.
  • This product is not for every mother. Use the nipple ruler in the photo to measure your nipple diameters before making the purchase. You can save time in finding the best fit of flange for your pumping comfort and efficiency.
  • Including 1x23 mm ONE-Piece flanges (suitable for mother with nipple diameter 21-22 mm AFTER pumping), 1x valves/1x membranes (this replace your spectra duckbills)
  • Connects directly with spectra S1/S2 wide mouth bottles. Compatible with spectra duckbills, spectra wide neck bottles and backflow protectors; Compatible with Maymom valves and long stem backflow protectors
  • Made from BPA free material. Dishwasher top rack safe. The flange is autoclaveable in a clinical setting and household use.

    • 型號: S012W-F23VM
    • 重量: 0.1公斤