Maymom Water Tight Sample Vials, Bottle, Cup, for Small Parts, Beads; Air Tight; Prescription Bottle, Rx Vial



程式庫存: 1000000
最少:  500
This is for one vial. This price is for one unit, not including shipping. MOQ 500. If you need large quantity (20k and above), we can supply it at a very good price. Contact us for large qty price and shipping fee.

Product features
• High Quality and Heavy Duty BPA free Polypropylene material - Safe around house and baby; Made of plastic, so NO broken glass!
• Suitable for general samples as well as moisture, oxygen sensitive pills, sample, drug
• Snap tight lid - water seal, and air tight. Also suitable for hold prescription medicine.
• FDA compliant for food contact; Chemically resistant toward many household chemicals

Product description
Sample vial, 23.6 mL (6.25 dram);
Also suitable for bringing your prescription when traveling.

  • 型號: X025-B
  • 重量: 0.04公斤