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If you are interested in our products, please contact us.  We are the manufacturer so you can buy as many packs as you wish from us.  Bulk package and volume discounts are available.  Contact us via phone or use an email enquiry form at the following link: off our parent company's website.

Country Company Address phone number
Taiwan MayMom 20-7, Aly 19, LN 333, ChengChung Rd, Chunan, Mio-li county,Taiwan +886 919948934
USA MayMom, LLC USA 3 Laurel Leaf CT, Durham, NC 27703 +1 919 2617889
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USA Address: 3 Laurel Leaf CT, Durham, NC 27703  Phone:(919)4535168  
Taiwan Address: Maymom LLC, 20-7, Aly 19, Ln 333, ChungCheng RD, ZhuNan, MiaoLi, Taiwan