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Product Care
Care of Products

Care of Products

Tubing: The tubing is made from PVC and ABS.  It must not be put into heat steam or the PVC part will melt. It is the property of the PVC.  When you see water condensation in the tubing, drain the water between uses.  You can also connect the tubing to the pump without the collection bottle.  Let the pump operate for several minutes to dry out the inside of the tubing. 

When the tubing is stored for a long time without use, please discard it as moisture in the tubing would promote the growth of bacteria. Even you boil it in hot water for one minute to kill the bacteria, the dead bacteria would still look bad. We recommend replacing the tubing if there is mold found in the tubing.

Valve&Membrane: You can put these parts into a water steam sterilization for 5 minutes.

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