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We pick the material that is Bisphenol A free to make the tubing and adaptor.  The adaptor is made from virgin ABS material, one that offers greatest strength in plastic.  The color of the adaptor is not as yellow as that of Medela.  It is because we did not add as much colorant in the ABS.  Colorants normally contain a lot of metals so we minimize their use to meet the RoHS requirements.  This is done with a purpose to provide a safer product.  Although the breastmilk is not to contact the tubing, it is for the safety of your baby that we pick such a material.

To fit Medela's pump and connectors, it is very important that the tolerance of the tubing and adaptors are controlled to +/- 0.1 mm. This precision is equal to the quality that is controlled in the making of today's high-end cell phone handsets.  We guarantee that our accessories will fit the intended Medela pumps or your money back.

With our expertise in Physics, we redesign the Medela adaptor for better performance.  The following photo describes our redesign of the adaptor for better performance.

AeroBile, LLC is proud to redesign a better adaptor for Medela PIS pumps.  The circular grabbing area of the OEM adaptor is not easy to handle when pulling the tubing off the breastshield.   The hexagonal grabbing area design of the adaptor is easier for a finger twist-to-loose action to detach the tubing from the connector of the breastshield.  See the photo to the right.

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